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We provide our service with Integrity

Based out of Port Charlotte, Florida we value our relationships with the families we serve and strive to make the transition into renewable energy as simple and transparent as possible. We provide true professional service, with pride, and always work with our customers best interest in mind!


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Here are some details of the services we provide.

Site Surveys

Our system designer will come to your home or installation site to evaluate site conditions and establish the needs and requirements for the potential PV system. They will document, measure, and analyze the following information.

  • Roof layout, shingle type, age and condition

  • Roof orientation, height, and pitch 

  • Accessible roof space for solar array, roof vent locations, skylights, etc..

  • Electric service panel suitability, including extra space for the inverter or a new dedicated breaker

  • Locate and chart any potential shading issues using Solar Pathfinder technology

  • Any other elements impacting system cost and performance

Call (941)286-3999 today! or click for a FREE SITE SURVEY!


System Design

With the information gathered from the site survey we create high efficiency design packages based on the customers’ needs and requirements. We work with our customers on a personal level and present detailed, customer friendly reports and customized templates. We will show exactly how our systems preform and economic projections for return on investment. We also work with the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and the public utility providing all the materials required for utility-interactive systems, such as...

  • Net metering

  • permitting

  • scheduling inspections

  • meeting with inspectors



When it comes time for installation we use the highest quality equipment available on the market. We do not cut corners! Our professional team of photovoltaic installers are highly skilled and use pristine craftsmanship to install our systems exactly as specified by the manufacturers. Thus, maximizing efficiency throughout the system and securing validity of all warranties.

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